Eclectic Audio Review by Steve Sheppard of OWMR

Eclectic Album Audio Review by Steve Sheppard of OWMR

Eclectic Album Audio Review by Steve Sheppard of OWMR

Eclectic Album review

By Steve Sheppard of One World Music radio

Graeme Drum
Written by
Steve Sheppard

The world vibe as it is called is needed more than ever these days. We must focus on bringing the world together through music, the only real truthful language on the planet, it speaks volumes, as does this quite amazing ten track release by Graeme Drum entitled Eclectic. I have listened to this album several times and I personally rate it to be one of the best in its genre I have heard since the days of Phil Thornton, Hossam Ramzy and James Asher. 
The opening track sets the scene delightfully; a wide and varied array of instrumentation is used to explore the opening narrative with such pristine clarity, pay close attention to the excellent refrains on the electric guitar in the opener, Dreams. 
The tempo and intensity increases layer by layer and tracks like Rhythmation and the vibrant and rustic offering Expresivo Y Profundo manifest a smoothly produced and exciting arrangement for us all to move within; this is simply a global pastiche of utterly sublime world music as your ever going to hear.
I have a great fondness for percussion and particularly the Tabla, even that can be satiated within this release through tracks like the effervescent ‘Ariq and the quite sensual and addictive Julia’s Groove, packed full of that Middle Eastern ethic, and daring you to move that body.
The album concludes with the colourful narrative of TekArab, a piece that probably sets the direction for the genre in the years to come, powerful, but rhythmic beyond belief.
Eclectic by Graeme Drum is well named; in my view it is the best World Music album I have heard this year, its vibrant, passionate, completely fearless and so wonderfully produced and performed. While some albums within this genre may be difficult to cross over into, Eclectic by Graeme Drum will be the panacea to cure that musical malady, Drum has created an exciting and thoroughly accessible album of truly exciting and fluent global music, and everyone should have a copy to spice up their musical catalogue.